Emily Dickinson black-and-white



Why I stay with the first print

Dlaczego pozostaję przy pierwodruku




Time and eternity | Czas a wieczność


Love | Miłość


Nature | Natura


Life | Życie




The Greek and Latin musing by Emily Dickinson

There is an occurrence in Emily Dickinson’s poetry. It is beyond mere coincidence or unaware habit. Noticed, it helps see the poet’s musing on Greek and Latin.


The thematic stanza for Emily Dickinson’s poetry

We may need to make up own minds over the stanza, for Emily Dickinson’s poetry. An authorial decision was impossible already with the first print.


The uncouth love in Emily Dickinson’s poetry

Emily Dickinson loved language, reading and writing. It does not do her justice, to be presented as an eccentric who offers dust, or says she has physical pain over some centuries that have passed.

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