Playmates: Kompani

God permits industrious angels
Afternoons to play.
I met one, — forgot my school-mates,
All, for him, straightway.


God calls home the angels promptly
At the setting sun;
I missed mine. How dreary marbles,
After playing Crown!




Bóg pracowitym aniołom pozwala
Bawić się w popołudnie.
Jednego spotkałam, — kumpli zaniechałam
Dla niego, wszystkich, absolutnie.


Bóg woła anioły do domu zaraz
Kiedy zachodzi słońce;
Tęskno mi było, i marble markotne,
Po grze w koronkę!



Not only syntax, words have constituents, too. For example, both Latin and Greek have a particle –lus-. We can look at the poem and compare.


  • (Playmates, Time and Eternity, XVIII, p. 41) collusor, companion at play; condiscipulus, school-mate; angelus, a messenger, an angel; lapillus, small stone, pebble; lusus, a game; ὁμηλυσία, omelusia, companionship.

I view the occurrence as a conscious use of language paradigms. Feel welcome to read about Greek and Latin musings by Emily Dickinson.



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