The sea of sunset: Zachodu słońca morze

This is the land the sunset washes,
These are the banks of the Yellow Sea;
Where it rose, or whither it rushes,
These are the western mystery!


Night after night her purple traffic
Strews the landing with opal bales;
Merchantmen poise upon horizons,
Dip, and vanish with fairy sails.




Oto ląd co je zachód słońca obmywa,
Oto brzegi Żółtego Morza;
Gdzie się rodzi, a zmierza dokąd,
To tajemnice zachodnie!


Noc za nocą handel purpurowy
Zasypuje nabrzeże belami opalu;
Ponad horyzontami, kupcy ważą
Kąpią, i z bajecznymi żaglami, znikają.



Human cognitive mapping is always in a way local. Emily Dickinson shows it in her Sea of Sunsets. The Yellow Sea is located in the Far East. However, it is the Yellow River to feed the waters, coming from — as geographically — the west.


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