Links let access free linguistic resources. Webster 1828 was  a most remarkable resource of Emily Dickinson’s times. Linde, Karłowicz, or Brückner may encourage connoisseur reference in Polish as well.



Perseus Search Tools (Latin and Greek)




Dictionaries as by Linde or Karłowicz, Kryński, and Niedźwiecki differ in their alphabetical ordering. With Linde, the Polish ó is considered an o with a diacritic. Therefore, we look for próba before probacya. In Karłowicz, Kryński, Niedźwiecki, as in the present-day Polish alphabet, ó is a standalone character, próba to follow and not to precede prożysko.


Słownik Samuela Lindego



Słownik Jana Karłowicza, Adama Kryńskiego i Władysława Niedźwieckiego



Słownik etymologiczny Aleksandra Brücknera



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